Right Senior Care Plan Omaha

You’ve taken the time to carefully choose a home care agency to provide the support your loved one needs to stay in their own home. Your Mom seems happy with the services and caregiver. But, is she getting the right senior care plan Omaha services to address all her health conditions and personal concerns?

Do You Have the Right Senior Care Plan in Omaha?

As every aging adult has their own set of health issues and needs, each should receive individualized care that addresses their particular situation. That’s where a care plan comes in. A care plan is a written document that outlines specific tasks to address your senior’s specific needs. Developed by the home care agency prior to providing care, the care plan serves as a guide for caregivers to perform certain activities when visiting the home of your special senior. It also ensures family members, health care providers, and your parent(s) are in sync with care expectations.

Assessing Needs

A senior home care plan begins with a geriatric assessment that evaluates a person’s functional abilities and living situation including:

  • Health and physical condition
  • Mental state
  • Performance of daily living activities such as bathing, dressing and cooking
  • Home (is the living arrangement acceptable or need some changes?)
  • Social network and access to support services
  • Functional limitations
  • Existing and anticipated problems

Senior Care Plan Benefits

The care plan helps the caregiver get organized and prioritize activities by outlining a daily timeline of tasks. It ensures tasks are completed without anything mistakenly left undone to deliver the best client care. Families also know what to expect from the caregiver on a daily basis.

In addition, the care plan ensures the safety of both client and caregiver as only assigned tasks are completed during home visits. Caregivers understand not to conduct tasks not listed on the care plan without prior approval from supervisors. The family or client should contact the agency to make additions or changes to the care plan as the caregiver does not have authority to perform tasks outside of its scope. While it is important for seniors to make decisions about their care, caregivers must follow a confirmed written care plan and not deviate from it. At the same time, your parent can make realistic suggestions about daily activities that they would like to change or add.

Updating Home Care Plans

As seniors needs change, the home care agency should review and update the care plan to address them. Ongoing client monitoring by a caregiver often is the first notification of a change. For example, a caregiver may notice subtle changes in your parent’s physical or mental condition such as moving slower or becoming unsteady. Your loved one also might tell the caregiver of new ailments such as body aches. An updated care plan should address these changes, providing updated directives to the caregiver.

Visiting Angels Omaha

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